Category: Volunteer FAQ

What are clinical trials?

Clinical trial is a process that required testing of medicine or new drug in controlled environment. By participating in clinical trials you help drug companies to find treatment for different conditions and illnesses. Clinical trials are essentials to find cure and development of new drugs. Team of expert doctors and nurses conduct required test on

Can I volunteer for a trial?

Yes, please register at our site and apply for any trial you may be interested. If you have been short listed then sponsor will contact you directly. Before you apply for any trial it’s important to read and understand trial requirements for volunteers.

Are clinical trials safe?

Every study our sponsor conduct is in accordance with EU legislation* and independently approved by governmentally authorised ethics committees and by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority (MHRA), ensuring your wellbeing is the priority of every study. Clinical trials are carried out under the strict supervision of fully qualified doctors, nurses and other health

Am I eligible for clinical trials?

Most of the times clinical trial companies look for healthy volunteers but in many cases sponsors are looking for volunteers who meet certain health condition or suffering from particular illnesses. There no fix rules for eligibility but it depends on kind of study you are applying for.