Clinical Trials

Are you eligible to make £300 – £4000 in a paid clinical trial?

Clinical trials are medical research studies that use volunteers to help test new medicines. A clinical trial can include testing drugs, vaccines and psychological therapies. Clinical trials aim to gage whether new treatments are safe and effective. The majority of trials we recruit for here at Jamos involve healthy volunteers but can also involve patients who currently suffer with an illness or existing condition. Before taking part volunteers will be consulted on the type of clinical trial they will be part of and everything explained in full.


Being part of a paid clinical trial in the UK can not only be financially rewarding but help society understand how to treat illness and disease. The main aims of clinical and medical studies are to discover the most effective ways to prevent and diagnose disease, cure illness and make peoples lives more comfortable.


What is important about clinical trials?

Clinical trials are all about comparison and volunteers will nearly always be with a group of fellow participants. Health professionals and pharmaceutical companies need the evidence gained from clinical trials to know which medicines and treatments work best. Paid clinical trials happen all over the UK, and without them people could be given the incorrect doses or subjected to side effects. Hundreds of medicines now in commonly used everyday were originally tested in clinical trials, many of these in the United Kingdom. Trial results provide a large part of the evidence used when deciding to provide new medicines through the NHS and privatized health care companies in UK.


Who can take part in clinical trials?

All clinical trials have strict guidelines about who can participate but these can include smokers, asthma sufferers, people who are overweight and people with existing health conditions. Eligibility criteria ensures that UK clinical trials include the sort of people who may benefit from the treatment and represent the medicines target market as a whole. There is usually a study that is suitable for most volunteers with most clinical trials happening in major cities like London, Leeds, Manchester or Nottingham. However clinical trials do happen in other areas such as Cambridge, Sheffield, Belfast, Birmingham so please contact us to find out there is one near you soon.


Are there different types of clinical trial?

When testing drugs the different stages of clinical trials are known as phases. These ‘phases’ analyse the effects of new drugs in more detail and serve different purposes. Volunteers in clinical trials should know what kind of trial they are participants of:


Phase 1 is a trial at its early stage and usually involves smaller groups of healthy volunteers or sometimes existing patients. Phase 1 clinical trials are usually aimed at analysing how safe a new medicine is. They can often be considered the most risky of medical studies for volunteers.


Phase 2: Once a medicine reaches this stage of the clinical trial medical practitioners will know a significant amount about it. Phase 2 will test the new medicine in a larger group of volunteers to better analyse any safety issues or side effects and identify the positive outcomes.


Phase 3: The later stage of clinical trials are larger and can include hundreds or sometimes thousands of volunteers from all over the UK. Phase 3 clinical trials have 3 main functions: 1) To compare the effectiveness of newer medicines against current treatments. 2) To find out how effectively the drug works and how long effects last. 3) To find out more about risks such as reoccurring side effects.


Phase 4: Phase 4 clinical trials are started once a new medicine has been proved to be effective and given an official licence. These clinical trials aim to find out 3 main things. 1) How effectively the drug performs when used more widely. 2) Any long term risks and benefits. 3) Further study of the rarer side effects.


Where can I find clinical trials happening now?

It can be difficult to find a trial to fit your circumstances. It is important to remember that there may not be a trial that is suitable for you right now but many trials happen all the time. Please complete a contact form on our website and we’ll be in contact to find the best clinical trial for you. We will endeavour to find the best study that is nearest to your chosen area that fits with your existing commitments. Whether your interested in a particular area of clinical research or just need help with finding a paid clinical trial for financial reasons please contact us today. We’ll get back to you ASAP.