Barrier enhancement for eczema prevention (BEEP)
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Research area: Preventing eczema in newborns
Brief description: This NHS funded study is looking at eczema prevention in children. The study will focus on whether using a moisturiser all over a child’s skin for the first year of their life can prevent eczema in later life.
Participant information: We are looking for 1300 pregnant women or women who have given birth in the last three weeks to participate in the study. We would specifically like families with a history of eczema, asthma or hay fever. All families who help in this study will be given best practice skin care advice to use with their baby over the course of the study.
Where does it take place: Imperial College Healthcare is one of 10 centres in the UK which are running the BEEP research study. Participants meet with a midwife twice during the study; these meetings can be combined with routine maternity care appointments, take place at the research unit at St Mary’s Hospital, or at the participant’s home.
How to take part: If you are interested in taking part please contact your local trial team by sending an email to,or call Anna the BEEP research midwife on 07825863037
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