Study 542 :£40 for people who are feeling depressed to complete an online computer program
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Type of Study

We are looking for people who are feeling
depressed to complete an online computer program from home over
4 weeks, as part of our research into developing new psychological
Aim of Study

What is the purpose of the study?
Depression affects many people in the United Kingdom. We are carrying out a programme
of research examining how changes in thinking style relate to symptoms of depression and
anxiety. We are investigating this using an online computer program. We hope that this
research will lead to the development of new treatments for depression and anxiety in the
Inclusion Criteria Who can take part?
We are looking for about 150 people between the ages of 18 and 65 who are currently experiencing low mood and may be described as “depressed”. You must be able to speak

English fluently, have access to the internet, and be able to attend the 3 study visits in Oxford to take part.

You are not eligible to take part if:
· You are currently receiving psychological therapy or counselling for a mental health problem.
· You have had experiences that may lead to a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder.
· You have started or changed medication for your mood in the past month.
Duration 4 weeks
Reimbursement Expenses and payment
If you complete the study, you will receive £40 in order to compensate you for your time. If
you attend the first visit but are then not eligible to take part in the study you will receive
£10. If you decide to withdraw part-way through the study you will receive an amount
proportionate to how much of the study you have completed. We can also reimburse travel
costs for getting to and from study visits.
Other Info “Interested? Please contact Simon Blackwell on (01865) 226487,
email, or visit for more information”