Earn £1335 plus travelling allowance for the study QCL117572 part 2 (men only)

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Volunteer profile:

Healthy men aged 18-55
Not smoked in the last 12 months
BMI between 18 and 35
Able to commit to all dates required

£1335 plus travelling allowance
Study description:

The purpose of this study is to see how a study drug is taken up by the body and will be administered orally
The drug is being developed for the treatment of hypertension
Schedule information:

Recruitment in progress – please apply

Group 12

Type of visit: Screening appointment
Details: appointment with a doctor or nurse lasting 4 hours
Dates: 25 Feb OR 3 Mar

Type of visit: Residential Stay
Details: 1x stay of 9 nights in our unit
Dates: 18-27 Mar

Type of visit: Follow-Up
Details: 30 min appointment with a doctor and nurse to complete the trial
Dates: 28 Mar


To apply for this job please visit the following URL: https://www.weneedyou.co.uk/clinical-trials/qcl-117572-part-ii/ →