Earn between £1900-£2000 – Study QCL114621

Quotient Clinical

UK Clinical Trials, clinical research study

Study reference: QCL114621

Volunteer profile:

6 healthy postmenopausal/surgically sterile females
You must be aged 30-65
Not smoked in the last 6 months
BMI between 18 and 30

between £1900-£2000 plus travel expenses
Schedule information:

If you are interested to take part in this trial, please complete one of the forms on the page to express your interest (select‘Already a Volunteer?‘ if you are an existing volunteer or ‘Application Form’ if you are new volunteer)
Type of visit: Screening appointments
Details: Appointment to check whether you fit the required suitability criteria for the trial
Dates: Dec 2015 (TBC)

Type of visit: Residential stays
Details: 1 x 11 day stay at the unit in Nottingham
Dates: Jan 2016 (TBC)

You must not:

Have taken part in a clinical trial within the three months leading up to the trial
Have donated blood in the three months leading up to the trial
Be on a course of medication if considering this trial

To apply for this job please visit the following URL: https://www.weneedyou.co.uk/clinical-trials/qcl114621/ →