Payment: £2205 plus travel expenses – Study reference: QCL117440 part 2

Quotient Clinical

UK Clinical Trials, clinical research

Volunteer profile:

9 healthy males and females (post-menopausal or surgically sterile ladies only)
Aged 18-65
Not smoked in the last 6 months
Willing to comply with contraception requirements for the study
Body weight over 50kg
BMI 19-29

£2205 plus travel expenses
Study description:

The purpose of the study is to investigate a drug which is being developed for the treatment of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
This study has been designed to look at how the drug is taken up in your body
Schedule information:
Type of visit: Screening appointments
Details: Appointment with a doctor or nurse lasting 4 hours
Dates: 5 OR 12 Nov

Type of visit: Residential stay
Details: 1 x 15 night stay in the unit
Dates: 19 Nov – 4 Dec

Type of visit: Outpatient visits
Details: Brief early morning appointments for sampling
Dates: 9 and 16 Dec

Type of visit: Follow up visit
Details: Brief outpatient visit (approx. 30 mins)
Dates: 30 Dec

You must not:

Have taken part in a clinical trial within the past three months
Have donated blood in the three months before the start of trial
Be on a course of medication if considering this trial

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