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We are carrying out a clinical trial of an investigational medicine being developed for the treatment of patients with a rare inherited liver disease known as ZZ Type Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency (AATD) Liver Disease.


Who can take part?
You may be suitable to take part if you are healthy non-smoker aged 18 to 65 (inclusive), and you do not have any past or ongoing medical conditions that may interfere with your participation in this study.


Study summary
This study will be carried out at our clinical trials unit at Croydon University Hospital in South London. You?ll first need to attend a screening appointment at our unit to check that you are suitable to take part. If you are included in the study you will need to stay at our unit for two stays of 2 nights and attend 19 x out-patient visits including a final follow up. Please see the study dates below.


Study dates

In-house stay
Admission: Tuesday, 24th November

Dismissal: Thursday, 26th November

Out-patient visits
Visit 1: Friday, 27th November

Visit 2: Wednesday 2 December

Visit 3: Wednesday, 9th December

Visit 4: Wednesday, 16th December

Visit 5: Wednesday, 6 January

Visit 6: Wednesday, 20th January

Visit 7: Wednesday, 3rd February


In-house stay

Admission: Tuesday, 16th February

Dismissal: Thursday, 18th February


Out-patient visits

Visit 1: Friday, 19th February

Visit 2: Wednesday 2nd March

Visit 3: Wednesday, 9th March

Visit 4: Wednesday, 16th March

Visit 5: Wednesday, 30th March

Visit 6: Wednesday, 13th April

Visit 7: Wednesday, 20th April
Final follow-up visit: Wednesday,27th April


Study payment
In recognition of the time involved in taking part in this study, you will receive £3,000 on completion of the study provided you comply fully with all the study requirements. This amount is based on the anticipated study plan and will be adjusted pro-rata (i.e. same amount of money paid per unit of time), should we invite you to attend extra visits.
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You may be required to remain resident in the unit until resolution of any safety issues, after which you will be discharged from the unit.

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