Paid Clinical Trial Birmingham

6th January 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News

Volunteers urgently needed, UK Paid Clinical Trial is conducting paid trials all over Birmingham and most companies are offering transport and food cost so you won’t have to worry about the expense. Earn some money by becoming a volunteer today, join us at

All trials are legal and carried out under professional supervision. Medical trials hires mostly healthy men and women between the age of 18 and over but if you suffer from a condition and would like to take part in a particular trial then we can help you find the right one for you.

We advertise on different trial research so look out for the one that’s suitable for you. UK paid clinical  trials has been recruiting volunteers who are interested in paid trials all over Birmingham, we have helped a lot of people finding the suitable trial for them.

These medical trial are entirely carried out with the full consent of the patient and you will be given all the information you require prior the trial. Do not hesitate to ask any question that you may have.