Paid Clinical Trial in Manchester

4th January 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News

UK paid Clinical Trial is a well establish website that help users to find paid clinical Trial in Manchester. Do you live in Manchester? Are you in need of extra cash? Well why don’t you become a volunteer and join us at UK Paid Clinical Trial.

We arrange Paid Medical Trial in Manchester for healthy men and women aged 18 and over. These trials are important for researches to determine the effect of new drugs on patients and how to improve their treatment. This practice is completely safe and has been approved by the government.

Most companies cover travel expenses and food cost so nothing comes out of your pocket. Trials varies depending on the type of research being conducted and the ethnicity of the patient.

The Medical team are obliged to follow the guided rules and regulations set out by the Medical Trials Law, its also imperative that they go through all the to keep you aware of what is going to happen to you as a participant during the trial and what to expect. You won’t be pressurise in taking part.