UK Clinical trials research studies

UK Clinical trials are research studies that happen in a number of areas of the UK. Most big cities in the UK have paid clinical trials such as London, Leeds, Nottingham, Cardiff, Manchester and Glasgow. There are also trials in Belfast, Cambridge and Bristol. Clinical trials are medical studies in which paid volunteers test treatments to see if that can be proved to safe and effective.


Paid clinical trials are necessary for the development of better treatments and improving health care for people across the world. Much of the worlds medicine and treatments developed were conceived and tested at clinical trials in the UK. Huge numbers of people volunteer in many paid clinical trials in the United Kingdom every year. Continued debates on the ethics of testing with clinical trials are in place to protect the human rights and safety of participants.


In a trial some volunteers may get a new medicine while others receive a placebo or what is currently the most popular medicine currently used for same purpose. These are done on different scales to way up the risks and benefits of the developing medicines.

Clinical trials are only one of the important stages for thorough medical research. Clinical trials in the UK are carried out in steps named ‘phases’. These phases allow health professionals to ask questions that provide the reliable answers to ensure the safety of volunteers, and hence the public future users of the medication or treatment.


Each clinical trial is designed to keep the risk of unpleasant side effects to a bare minimum. Volunteers are monitored constantly through the study and researchers will only ask the right type of volunteer to take part in right type of study. Certain aspects of your body and lifestyle will affect your eligibility to take part in a clinical trial and these can be different for each study. can advise you on your eligibility and help you find a clinical trial that suits your body type or current condition.


Once has found the perfect study/ trial for you and you know all the details most clinics will need you to give ‘informed consent’. This means you are agreeing to take part and know all the risks involved, you have been ‘informed’ and have given your ‘consent’ to participate. Remember, clinical trial volunteers can pull out of a medical study anytime and this will not mean any changes to future treatments with the NHS.


Many of the UK’s paid clinical trials are offered to volunteers who currently have an existing condition such as asthma. If a volunteer feels the treatment they are receiving during a medical study has aided the condition they may be able to use it after the trial ends.


If you are interested in participating in a clinical trial in the UK, even you are not near a larger city like London, Leeds or Manchester there is still a god change can help with your travel. We are happy to talk to you about your requirements and aim to get the right volunteers in to the best medical study for them. Clinical trials can only help you financially but help clinics find the best treatments for people who are unwell. Please contact us today to find out if you are eligible for a screening at your nearest clinic.