UK Clinical Trials

Clinical trials happen all over the UK and thousands of paid volunteers are needed to develop new treatments every month. To be referred to a clinical trial in your area simply fill out the form above. Once your admin referral fee has been received and referral made, your nearest clinic will be in contact within 2 – 10 days to give you more information and book your appointment.
Participating in a UK clinical trial contributes to medical knowledge helping practitioners to administer effective drugs with the correct doses. The results of clinical trials can make a difference in the care of patients by providing information about medication and treatments. Clinical trials provide a practical basis for the development of potentially life saving drugs, so if you want to help society and get paid for your time please contact us today.

What are clinical trials?

New medication is being developed all the time, and part of the testing happens at clinical trials often referred to as medical trials in the UK. Paid volunteers are recruited to take part in these trials before the new medicines can be marketed to the public. Clinical research companies carry out these tests on behalf of manufacturers and varying levels of payment are offered for time spent at clinics across the UK. Here at we recruit volunteers for paid clinical trials and can offer a number of trials scheduled across the UK all year round.

Get paid for clinical trials…

Volunteers are paid directly from the clinical trial company and amounts vary according to time spent at the clinic and the duration of a trial over weeks or months. Payments can stretch from around £400 to £4000 per trial. Paid clinical trials are all different and can be suited to your area, your health and your personal dedication in time.

Some trials will involve a stay of 2 weeks or more in a hospital or clinic, and some will involve a few days visit spread over a several week period. Usually the longer the stay at the clinic, the more you will get paid for the trial.

Volunteering for a UK clinical trial…

To get involved in a clinical trial please register with us and get referred today. Once registered you will be contacted by your nearest clinical study and asked to attend a clearing trial sometimes referred to as a screening. Basic tests will be conducted and when passed you will be admitted onto a trial. Each clinic will have a number of trials to participate in each offering varying levels of remuneration and participation time. Once registered all the processes will be properly explained including payment structures and expenses, the participation time frames and the drugs being tested. Please submit your details and be referred to a clinical trial near you today.